alongside the contemplative path

O wad some Power the giftie gie us 
To see oursels as ithers see us! 

In weightless silence, Light Itself saves us from drowning and we can become the waves.

Headless Angel Updates

The headless angel of Montegut, Gers, France.


My half,


Enshrouded in mist the village is still. I prepare and cook chickpeas with cabbage and marrow sausage. I think of the hopes and plans of families, children, mums and dads and lovers for re-unions suddenly thwarted by Trump's border control edict.



The Selfie

If you want a tip, become a waiter. Learn how to enjoy waiting in silence.

29 ​ is an experiment.  I am trying out ways of presenting a life with contemplative prayer which shares the richness, the puzzle, the chaos, the joy, the struggles, the highs and the lows of accepting an invitation to look God in the face and invite this God into my house where he puts on my slippers and forgets to turn off the lights at night.


Madrid City Town Hall.

L'ecluse: the Lock. Alone and in silence there are no ecluses. There is an urge to open doors to strangers.

Silence at work